Gunyaji Temple

Gunyaji Temple

The history of Rajgir mentions "Gunsheel Chaitya" meaning virtuous home, where Lord Mahavira came several times to preach his doctrines of non-violence, truth ,love and the right path to attain "Nirvana" (final emancipation from the cycle of death and birth). As such according to once school of thought the name Gunayji has been derived from the word "Gunsheel chaitya". Thus the history of Gunayaji is as old as Lord Mahavira himself. After reaching "Keval Gyan" ( a state of complete omniscience) the Lord had arranged for several "Samavsaran" (place for religious preachings) in Gunayaji.

The importance of the place also lies in the fact that Gautam Swamiji, the first disciple of Lord Mahavira had attained "Keval Gyan" here.

The temple of Gunayaji is in the middle of the lake and is 3 kms from Nawadah station. It is on the Patna-Ranchi highway and can be approached by car,bus or Rickshaw. It is 20 kms from Pawapuri.

Apart form this temple there is another Digamber temple. The Swetamber and Digamber dharamshalas with electrice,water and other facilities accomdates and caters to the needs of the pilgrims.