Kundalpur Temple

Kundalpur Temple

Kundalpur is one of the sacred places of the jains as it is the birthplace of three out of the eleven disciples of Lord Mahavira.

Kundalpur is about 3.5 kms away from Nalanda-Bakhtiyarpur-Rajgir railway station . Nalanda "Khandar" is 2.5 kms away from Nalanda station, and Kundalpur is .75 km away from Nalanda "Khandar". The route to Kundalpur via Rajgir-Nalanda 1s 16 kms and the distance from Pawapuri to Kundalpur via Biharshariff is 29 kms.

Kundalpur being the birthplace of Gutamswamiji, the first and most important disciple of Lord Mahavira, Agnibhuti and Vayabhuti (also disciples of Mahavira) is sacrosanct . Agnibhuti and Vayabhuti were brothers of Gautamswamiji. The main shrine of this temple is a black colour "Charan Paduka" (approximately 25 cms in length) of Gautamswamiji.

In ancient times Kundalpur was also known as Gubbargaon or Bargaon. Nalanda and Kundalpur were satellite towsn of Rajigr. In 410 B.C. when chinese traveller Fa Huien came to India, he found this place to be ordinary. Later King Kumar Gupta made Buddhist monastery for the monks during 424 BC to 454 BC and due to the establishment of university of Nalanda it became a famous centre for Buddhist studies. In the century when Huein Tsang came to India he has described this place in his writings and it is believed that he stayed in this university to persue Buddhism. The university existed till 13th century and later it was plundered during the reign of Bakhtiar Khilji. According to historical evidence , jainism prevailed here during this time and it continued till later times. If archeological exacavations are carried out, it will bear testimony to this fact. Shree Jinprabhusuriji has mentioned Kundalpur as a pilgrim spot in "Vividh Tirth Kalpa" (various religious text) during 14th century. Shree Hansomovijayji has mentioned the existence of 16 temples in the year 1565 whereas Pundit Jayvijay ji has mentioned the existence of 17 temples in the year 1664 . In the year 1770 Pundit Sawbhaghyavijay ji has mentioned the existence of once idolless temple (with one pillar) and some temples in depleted condition.

Thus the importance of Kundalpur lies in the fact that it is the birthplace of Gautamswami ji, the first disciple of Lord Mahavira. Besides , the Lord himself came here several times to preach his religious teachings . Apart from this temple there is a Digamber temple and one Dharamshala near the temple to accomodate pilgrims.